Website redesign!

The website for the Prognostics Analysis and Reliability Assessment Lab was under reconstruction for the past months. It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to explore our new look. We include pages for ongoing research, completed research, publications and teaching information from Dr.Yongming Liu.

For more fun stuff, keep visiting this page because every month we will feature a blog-post from our students or news about their work. This will help you be keep track of the valuable work done at the laboratory.

This is our new menu on the left side.

Here is a breakdown of our pages:

Home: where you can find a form to write any request or interest you have in the lab.

News: where you will find all of our blog-posts.

Directory: where you will find information of all the current members working in the lab and Faculty Dr. Yongming Liu.

Facilities: where you will find pictures and descriptions of the equipment in the laboratory.

Teaching: where you will find all the courses that Dr. Yongming Liu has given with a description and the option to download the syllabus.

Publications: where you will find a list with all the publications that Dr. Yongming Liu has done.

Research: where you will find them divided by active and completed.

Please in the comments section below share with us your favorite part of the website and what will you like to see more in the future.

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