MiCro CT system- Skyscan 1272

Dr. Liu recently purchased an in situ testing MiCro CT system- Skyscan 1272. The system is equipped with a loading stage (upto to 400 N) and can reach submicron resolution imaging for small metallic and polymer specimens. It is equipped with a high end workstation and GPU server for fast imaging analysis. Complete accessory and corresponding polishing equipment are available from Dr. Liu’s lab and ASU workshop for different specimen preparation and testing.

MTS Landmark ® Servohydraulic Test Systems

100 kN with various standard and in house grips equipped with high temperature creep fatigue testing system up to 1000 degree C equipped with digital image correlation system for con-contact strain measurements

10 kN MTS electron-mechanical testing machine

Zeiss EVO scanning electron microscope 

Work with tensile stage for both in situ and ex situ measurements Gold coater for composite and polymer imaging

High power (20w), fast (1~2 ns) MOPA laser source and controller 

Laser-ultrasound / optoacoustic generator

Laservibrometer for non-contact vibration and wave propogation measurments

FLIR high resolution thermal camera for real time temperature field measurments

Current setup for SONIC IR and Laser pulse IR imaging

In situ mechanical tester with complete controller and grips for tension, compression, bending static and fatigue loading

Upto 5 kN loading, under optical microscope and SEM with high temperature heating upto 1000 degree C

High power ultrasound generator for heating and melting 20 kHz

Current setup for SONIC IR imaging

High voltage piezo acurator for sensing applications

Hot pressing for manufacturing of composite laminates or other laminated system

Several upright and inverted optical microscope for imaging and in situ testing

Mini-workshop for simple specimen and fixture manufacturing

Material polishing and preparation stations

Electronic devices for sensing, generation of signals