Teaching experiences:

MAE 213: Solid Mechanics (Spring 2013, 2014, 2015)

Course Description: Equilibrium, method of sections, definition of stress and strain, and stressstrain-temperature relations. Applications to force transmission and deformations in axial, torsional and bending deformation of bars. Combined loadings.

MAE 301: Applied Experimental Statistics (Spring 2017)

Course Description:This is a comprehensive course introducing students to key concepts in probability and statistics with engineering applications. Emphasis is placed on modeling variation in observations, characterizing its distribution, and making inferences with regards to quality assurance and control. Fitting multivariate models, experimental design and hypothesis testing are all critical skills developed in the course. All topics are developed utilizing data from engineering projects, simulations, and laboratory experiences.

MAE 523: Fracture Mechanics (Fall 2013, 2015)

Course Description: Linear elastic fracture mechanics. Modification with small scale yielding. Fatigue Fracture. Experimental Methods in Fracture.

MAE 598: Probabilistic Methods (Fall 2014, 2016, Spring 2018)

Course Description: Fundamental probabilistic theory, engineering statistics, data analysis, reliability methods, simulation technique, mechanical and structural analysis under uncertainties, focus on the application for mechanical, aerospace, and civil engineering structures and materials.

CE 420/520 Computational Methods of Structural Analysis (Spring 2012)

Course Description: The matrix stiffness method for the analysis of trusses, frames, plates, shells, and multi-component structures such as framework stiffened shells. Thermal stresses. Nonlinear effects.

CE 525 Mechanical Damage of Materials (Fall 2011)

Course Description: Elastic and plastic deformation of materials, fundamentals of fracture mechanics, fatigue mechanisms and material micro-structural behavior, fatigue crack initiation and propagation analysis of metallic and composite materials, damage accumulation under multiaxial load, creep and other types of mechanical damage, probabilistic damage growth analysis and reliability, application to structural life prediction and design.

Teaching awards:

Exemplar faculty, School of Engineering, Arizona State University, 2018

Teaching excellence award, CSoE, Clarkson University, 2008, 2011


Advisor of SPEED – Steel Bridge Team